Vape Technology

Vape Technology

Vaping is the practice of inhaling and exhaling vapour generated by an electric machine through a process of heating a vaping material. A vaping device is used for heating, and it has a heating element that is meant to convert the vaping element into vapour where the vaping material is usually an e-liquid or dry herb.

More Vape Juice Flavors

To realize the full pleasure of vaping, more vape juice flavours have been introduced to the market. These vape juice flavours may contain different levels of nicotine or lack nicotine at all. The choice of the vape juice flavour to use depend on the preference of the vaper. The increased brands of the juice flavours has made them more available to the users. The stiff competition has as well led to lowering of the costs of the juice flavors

Vegetable Glycerine(VG)is one of the common base used as a flavour for the vape juice. Then VG is responsible for production of thick vape clouds desired by the e-cig smoker. The VG juices contain a pleasant taste and produce little discomfort to the throat. Many manufacturers of the juice have found the VG to be of great benefit to them and has contributed to the expansion of the markets.

Propylene glycol(PG) is also another element used in the juice flavors. It is a synthetic organic compound and a viscous fluid with a faintly sweet taste and has no odour. These characteristics have made it a useful element in the production of vape juice flavors. The sweet taste present in the PG is responsible for the craving the users have as it is attractive and has a less tingly feeling to the throat.

Variations Of Nicotine Content In E-liquids

To choose the right content of nicotine in an e-liquid is not very easy. However, it is key to choose the right nicotine strength in e-liquids to avoid harmful effects. The nicotine content or strength in e-liquids is determined by the ingredients used to prepare the flavour. Vaping devices have been designed to regulate the nicotine content that an e-cig smoker will get. The sub-ohm devices which are using high wattage batteries have been designed to increase the amount of vapour produced depending on the amount the vaper wants to inhale. This means that one gets a higher level of nicotine compared to the one using a lower wattage device.

This variation of nicotine content in e-liquids have made it easy for the first time vapers and regular vapers to easily control the amount of nicotine they intend to get. Moreover, this has also helped tobacco smokers to quit with ease because they can get the same feeling and satisfaction in the e-cigs.

More Advanced E-cigs

More advanced Electronic cigarettes have been introduced as a remedy to the ordinary cigarettes. The smoking apparatus have been designed as a casual or recreational smoking option. Most vapers are now experiencing the full advancement of the e-cigs which are designed to be longer lasting, more efficient in terms of use, high power storage and have customized controls. E-cigarettes are now advantageous compared to tobacco cigarettes. They are economic friendly and environmental friendly because no pollutants are emitted.

Electronic cigarettes have been designed with advanced features and are now available in the markets at friendly costs. These e-cigs have higher power efficiency, ease of use, higher efficiency of ingredient use, quality vape and low maintenance. These elements have made it easy even for the vaping starters to join the practice as well as the tobacco smokers too.

Better And More Techy Vape Mods

Better and more techy vape mods are of great contribution in achieving the best experience by the e-cig smokers. Vape mod has been designed with chips or soldered wiring to provide a set of safety features while others lack wattage and voltage adjustment. Others are mechanical mod boxes designed for advanced users and lack wiring or chips. They require a deeper knowledge of Ohms law and the safety of the battery use.

An example of a more techy vape mod is the Vaporesso Revengor Mini 85W TC which has feature the modern technology of a fast-charging batter capable of storing power for some time, an in-built clock, and LED lights that can be customized by the user easily. These features have made the vape technology more thrilling compared to the traditional smoking.


The vape technology is one of the thrilling trends that have gained more popularity due to the technological advances featured in the field.