The 3 Best Hikes in Missouri

Missouri is a state that defies the idea that the Midwest is nothing but flatland. The northeastern section of the state is Mississippi river valley that was carved from bedrock to create a hilly terrain, while the southwest side of the state is full of prairies that bison call home. The varied terrain of the […]

3 Underrated Florida Vacation Spots

When you think of Florida, you likely think of its many theme parks, sunny beaches, and the lauded nightlife in Miami. But Florida is more than the sum of these parts. It’s home to incredible natural beauty, historical sites, and museums that hold company with major attractions found in other parts of the United States. […]

4 Stunning Desert Destinations in the American Southwest

It’s easy for regular travelers to find themselves in a rut. In time, the noise and fast pace of a city getaway can fail to relax, the beach can become boring, and even the mountains can get tiring. If you’re starting to feel uninspired by your usual travel routine, it might be time to shake […]

Are you ready for the man skirt?

With Thom Browne dedicating his entire collection to the gender-bending essential, After Hrs explores if it has takers in India… Man skirts are nothing new. Jean Paul Gautier in his 1984 collection entitled, ‘And God Created Man’ reinterpreted them. Riccardo Tisci (formerly at Givenchy) has been the longest proponent of the kilt. This season Thom […]

Here’s what tickles Indian tastebuds when the monsoon clouds burst

…India cooks up a storm of mouth-watering dishes. And so, the monsoon charms us not just with its weather, but also a delightful gastronomical experience. Yogesh Pawar and Heena Khandelwal bring us bites from different regions What the four seasons of the year mean to the European, the one season of the monsoon means to […]