Start a Career in Gerontology and Help the Aging Population

The criteria for a satisfactory career differ from one person to the other, and can include decent pay and work conditions, but what makes a job satisfactory and fulfilling depends on personal preference. Some people get a sense of achievement when they build a program, others love to design, and some enjoy helping other people.

You can help people in many different ways, from medical jobs to engineering that makes people’s lives easier. However, gerontology is a field that is often overlooked. The field of gerontology is all about understanding the human lifespan and the human aging process and improving the way care is administered.

To break into this meaningful working field, a degree in gerontology is required. Among the best choices for getting a gerontology degree, the University of Southern California (USC) offers an excellent program. This world-class educational institution offers an online Masters of Arts in Gerontology and a Masters of Aging Management. In addition to its general reputation as a leading educational and research institution, USC’s Leonard Davis School of Gerontology is the nation’s first professional school of gerontology.

USC offers $500,000 in annual scholarship money to students pursuing gerontology degrees. The Ethel Percy Andrus Gerontology center at USC is conducting groundbreaking research in the field, and getting a degree from this prestigious research institution will be an excellent career move for anyone interested in this field.

A Fulfilling Career of Helping Others

Due to population growth over the last century there are more elderly people now than ever before, and career prospects for this degree are excellent. Graduates of this program can choose from jobs that are involved with directly helping people and improving their lives. Some of the jobs occupied by gerontology professionals include:

  • Nursing Home Administrator: These professionals are directly responsible for creating an atmosphere that promotes health and fulfillment for residents in nursing home facilities. They are also responsible for providing the best nursing home experience for residents while managing and running the facility.
  • LVN/LPN Supervisor: Gerontology graduates with a nursing background thrive in this career. Nurses with a Master’s in Gerontology are specialized in caring for residents in adult living facilities.
  • Director of Affordable Housing: Professionals working in this sector are responsible for managing independent housing communities for senior citizens. Directors of affordable housing services maintain relationships with senior residents and provide them with recreational programs that best suit their needs and give them a sense of fulfillment.

For anyone passionate about helping people – especially older people – and improving their quality of life, this degree can be the beginning of a very fulfilling career that makes a meaningful impact in people’s lives.

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