US Healthcare Still Unfixed


Healthcare in America has lot of problems and these are too big to stay with. Cost and spending per person are way more than other advanced country’s healthcare system. The system is unsuitable for many people with less income. The insurance an employee has to bear is a big amount on his income and sometimes they have to stay on the same job that they are not well suited for. All says, an outdated and inefficient healthcare system is what chains the US economic growth.

Congress is always working with changing the healthcare laws which doesn’t create any improvement to the issue. Instead of clearing the issue, the Republicans​and Democrats are waving legislation war over a part of the system that affects​ only 8% of everybody with healthcare. Congress seems still unaware about the confusion, cost and coverage about the healthcare system.

The migration on Trumpcare is aimed to be a affordable healthcare option but the result is far worse. President Trump praised a senate act which is similar to a plan passed in may. Trumpcare would also reduced the number of people quality for Medicaid. While fewer people have insurance on healthcare system that means government has to care less.

The majority people and agencies seem confused with the issue and some are also against the new healthcare system. Even though Obamacare didn’t have a large popularity but the new Trumpcare seems to have less than that.


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